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Nel carcere di Evin Narges Mohammadi

14.6.2010, Rahana

RAHANA – Salman Sima during a phone conversation with his family stated he is being held at Ward 2A of Evin prison which is a ward controlled by intelligent services.

The student activist told his family that he went on a dry hunger strike since his arrival at Evin, and added  he plan on continuing his hunger strike but will no longer refrain from drinks.

Salman Sima was recently released on bail after spending nearly 100 days in wards 209 & 350 of Evin Prison. He has been sentenced to 6 years in prison by the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

On that note, Narges Mohammadi has announced, she will consider going on a hunger strike if she does not get transferred from solitary confintment.

Must add Narges Mohammadi is suffering from pulmonary embolism since three years go and her physical condition is unfavorable. She has even been sent to the prison clinic for her condition.

Her husband Taghi Rahmani stated his wife in serious health risk and he is planning on submitting her medical records to Tehran’s prosecutor

Translated by: St Journalist


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