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APPELLO-PLEA - Stop the ruthless violence againt universities


Stop the ruthless violence against universities.


The government must understand that the merciless attack and threat against the university can ignite a "uprising" and "widespread public protests." The pain of losing loved ones in the peaceful "revolutionary" movement still lingers within us.


The government, deceived by secretive, unreliable, and shaky negotiations with Western governments.


The post-revolutionary atmosphere of "women, life, freedom" and the continuation of protests in collective and individual actions throughout the country have shown that neither "passivity" nor "conformity" with the current situation, but rather the "expression" of collective power and "strength" of the will to bring about "fundamental" change, is the guiding principle of the Iranian people.


The brutal, ruthless, public, and deliberate attacks by oppressive forces on universities, institutions, gatherings, and civil and popular bases serve as links connecting the various elements of the extensive structural movements of social, protest, and revolutionary movements based on the failing and ineffective strategy of the government, namely creating fear and terror, while simultaneously spreading despair and disillusionment, especially among protesting youth and women. However, resistance persists in the face of these cruel actions.


The protests of Iranian students, women, and men throughout the country, from Sistan and Baluchestan to Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, and Tehran, are a testament to the powerful message of "no" to the "religious oppressive government."


I urge international human rights organizations, feminist organizations, writers, and academics around the world not to allow our suffering society to witness another 18th of Tir (referring to a tragic event in Iran's history) in our universities.


Narges Mohammadi

June 2023


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