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Letter from Narges Mohammadi from inside the Zanjan / IRAN prison

17.7.2020, pagina facebook

Still in prison, now infected with Coronavirus together with 11 other women, with no access to  medical treatment.

 The following letter has been published online by her husband on July 13 2020.

We are 12 women who have been infected with coronavirus. On the 11th July they have separated the prisoners inside the Zanjan prison. We are a total of 18 women in this prison. Six women who did not have the symptoms of the disease were transferred to another section of the prison We,12 women, who have been presenting the symptoms of the disease for about 11 days now , are practically in quarantine in this section of the prison. Last week, given our health conditions and thanks to the insistence of our families, we have been tested for Covid. However, we have not received the results yet. Today some people suddenly entered the prison and separated us again. A woman in worrying clinical conditions has been transferred to the hospital last thursday and she was eventually released on bail following Covid's diagnosis.

In about a month, 30 new people have entered this prison, some of them with coronavirus symptoms and at least one of them with a definite diagnosis of Covid, who was eventually released due to the deterioration of her health conditions.

We the 12 women left have symptoms of excessive fatigue and abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of smell. We do not have access to adequate care or proper nutrition. The lack of medical facilities, the lack of quarantine space for the new arrivals and the lack of health care and inspections have caused the coronavirus to spread. I ask Mr. Namaki, Minister of Health, to send a representative in order to inspect witness  the situation in Zanjan Women's Prison.

I would also like to denounce the difficult and the not tolerable conditions of Zanjan prison, where I have been restrained for about 6 months together with the lack of medical treatment. During this period, due to the explicit request of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Judiciary, they have not allowed me to buy meat at my expenses or to talk to my children over the phone. I haven't heard my children's voice for nearly a year now. Now I have also been infected with coronavirus, and have no access to any medical treatment. "

Narges Mohamadi is the 2009 Alexander Langer Award winner.

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