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Abstract of the statute of the „Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung – Onlus“


The „Fondazione Alexander Langer Stiftung – Onlus“ , founded on 4th July, 1999, is seated in I-39100 Bolzano-Bozen, via Bottai 5. It is a non-profit organisation with social scope.


The foundation’s objectives are: to support groups or single persons whose activities may contribute to maintain Alexander Langer’s spirit of thoughts alive and to proceed with his social, cultural and political engagement;
to promote and defend the civil rights of individuals and groups of minorities from every kind of discrimination be it of economic, religious, racial or sexual nature;
to encourage the research for solutions which are based on solidarity, democracy and justice towards the necessities and conflicts that may arise in societies;
to promote reflections and concrete initiatives directed towards an ecological conversion of economics, work and lifestyles.

The Foundation is following the exclusive purpose of social solidarity.


To reach its purposes the Foundation is active in various fields such as promotion of culture, of civil rights and scientific research of special social interest and, especially, be it on its own and/or by means of co-operation agreements, is dealing with persons, associations, corporations, public or private institutions, for the following:
to establish and assign awards and scholarships to persons, groups and associations who in a creative way are engaged with the enforcement of universal values, the solution of conflicts, the ecological conversion of economics and society;
to organise meetings, discussions, seminars, conferences, study trips, stages, training courses, partnerships, forms of co-operation and active voluntary aid;
to collect, file, promote, publish and distribute, especially amongst the young, Alexander Langer’s writings and documents of his entire work, as well as of those persons who have worked with him or have been inspired by his ideas;
to grant assistance to studies of research and thesis which are referred to Alexander Langer’s work or to subjects that are close to his ideas;
to organise any other initiative, also of economic nature, that may be esteemed useful or necessary to cope with the institutional aims of the Foundation.
The Foundation may not deal with activities other than those indicated above with the exception of such directly related to the above or complementary to the institutional activities of the Foundation.
The beneficiaries of services or material assets are disadvantaged persons or their representatives and, limited to human aid, also members of foreign communities, with the exception of such cases and activity fields whose social and solidarity objectives are esteemed inherent by law.

Friends of the Foundation

All those who have contributed to found the initial capital with their own unique gift in the outlined form are considered „Friends of the Foundation“.
In addition, also private persons, entities and associations, public and private institutes who contribute to increase the capital of the Foundation in the form as agreed by the administration council, are considered “Friends of the Foundation”.
The administration council is entitled to appoint as Friends of the Foundation also those who by means of a particularly remarkable co-operation or material or immaterial gift have contributed to the development of the Foundation.

Assembly of the Friends of the Foundation

The assembly of the Friends of the Foundation is called at least once a year and, in case of renewal of the administration council, at least three months prior to its expiry date.
The assembly is called by the President of the administration council who is also taking the chair.
The assembly has a quorum independently of the number of participants and decisions are taken in the event of majority of the persons present.
The assembly of the Friends of the Foundation elects the members of the administration council and reports on the activity of the Foundation, also on its own initiative.

Patrons of the Foundation

Patrons of the Foundation are those who participate in the activities of the Foundation with an annual contribution the minimum rate of which is to be decided by the administration council.
The Patrons are informed about the activities of the Foundation in the form the administration council has to decide, they are involved with these activities, they may use infrastructures and services of the Foundation and can be invited to the assembly of the Friends of the Foundation, though without right to vote.
With appropriate measures and initiatives and within the limits of goals set by the statute, the Foundation encourages the participation of both the Friends and the Patrons of the Foundation in order to stimulate the discussion about the lines of development of the Foundation.

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