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Creating a European Civilian Peace Corps

Jul 1, 1995, Published in Azione nonviolenta, October 1995
The most important challenges facing armies and foreign office functionaries both inside and outside Europe today, are United Nations peacekeeping operations and ensuring that they work efficiently.



Jun 26, 1995, EP
Dear colleagues, let me ask you again to accomply a small, but important effort: please sign the declaration made by more than 250.000 citizens of Sarajevo and other parts of Europe, against any ethnic...

Europe Will Either Die or Be Reborn in Sarajevo

Jun 25, 1995, Published in La terra vista dalla luna, 25 June 1995
We went to Cannes to demonstrate in front of the presidents and prime ministers on behalf of Bosnia Herzegovina. “Let’s stop all this neutrality between aggressor and victim, let’s open the gates...

Mayor of the Town of Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegowina

Jun 1, 1995, EP
Dear Mayor, dear friend Selim, from the very first moment after the terrible attack on Tuzla I tried to reach you, but it was impossible. I managed it only to get in contact with Sejfudin Tokic, in Zagreb,...

Some Modest Suggestions for Positive Steps Towards Solving the Kosovo Conflict

Feb 25, 1995, From the Alexander Langer Foundation Archive. Amsterdam, 25 February 1995
Since at least 1988-89, the conflict in Kosovo has been one of the most important internal triggering devices of the Yugoslavian crisis and could in a not too distant future become the central piece of...

On the Creation of an International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

From Mani tese, July 1994
Berlin, Monday 12 December 1994: the fourth and final day of the hearings, in Schönberg Town Hall, of the International Tribunal entrusted with trying the violations of international conventions on...
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