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For a ‘Friendly’ Future

Dec 31, 1994, From a presentation at the Youth Congress. Assisi, 31 December 1994
Speaking of a possible ‘friendly’ future, I would like to present two aspects to you which I think are important to make the future, and perhaps also the present, more amicable and less hostile for...

We Will Only Attain Ecological Conversion When It Becomes Socially Desirable

Sep 10, 1994, Speech held at the Talks from Toblach/Dobbiaco, 10 September 1994
Time is Ripe for a Democratic Ecological Constitution

We have created false wealth to fight false poverty - King Midas, the patron saint of our times.

For several centuries false wealth has been...

Noble Causes and Totalitarian Temptations

Nov 15, 1992, From Il Mattino dell’Alto Adige, 15 November 1992
There is no noble cause or idea in history that has not been, or has not the capability of being, perverted and turned into its opposite. Christianity has been used to justify genocide against indigenous...

Justice, Peace, the Protection of Creation. A Thesis Concerning the Political Feasibility of an Ecological Conversion

Jan 4, 1989, Accademia Cusano. Bressanone/Brixen, 4 January 1989
By an ecological conversion I mean the change of direction, today more necessary and urgent than ever, which is required to prevent the suicide of humanity, and ensure the continuing habitability of our...

A Catalogue of ‘Green’ Virtues

Aug 27, 1987, From “Il margine”, a presentation given at the conference “Politics and virtues” organised by “La Rosa Bianca”, Brentonico (Trento), 27 - 30 August 1987
I would like to identify, without any claim to completeness, some of the possible ‘green’ virtues which may also have some importance in political ethics. The first of these virtues which I would...

A Small Measure of Power that Can Restore Dignity

Introduction to a dossier on critical consumption in Mosaico di Pace, September 1994
A vicious circle, illustrated by the itinerary of many familiar, everyday, foods and other products which have been part of our daily routine for varying lengths of time, generates misery and dependence...

In Rio – A Proposal for an Environmental Tribunal

From Rapporto dall’Europa 2, June 1992
Among the proposals that various non-governmental organisations will take to the conference in Rio, there is a very precise and detailed one, which, while it enjoys wide international support, comes principally...
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