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1.3.1994., foundation

1. A multi-ethnic co-habitation will be the norm rather than the exception; the alternative is between ethnic exclusion and living together

Situations of communities living together with different languages,...

Nationalism and Federalism in Europe Today

11.6.1991., Lecture at the Goethe Institut, 11 June 1991
One could almost believe, looking at certain explosions of nationalist feeling, particularly in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, that now the Second World War is over and done with, the First World War...

Ethnic Groups and Minorities: a Barrier or an Impulse?

8.6.1989., Contribution to the Conference “Minorities for Europe Tomorrow”, International Scientific Consultation. Ljubljana, 8-9 June 1989
1. Ethnic minorities and minority groups are often, but not always, the remains of other, previously-existing social structures and are often, though again not always, to be found on the economic, social,...

An ABC of South Tyrol: an Unfinished Book

From Aufsätze zu Südtirol 1978 - 1995 Scritti sul Sudtirolo
Started as a rough copy of an essay to be printed in the book entitled Option 1939 published by Reinhold Messner, it was written in fits and starts in German by Alexander Langer until 1988, but never finished.
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